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NCA30 front


Introducing the latest automation from Pennywise Peripherals, the NCA30. This automation has been designed from the ground up for digital cinema projection in the 21st century. Built on the experience gained from the hugely successful CAPIO series automations (CA21, CA100 & EMK1), this automation is the missing piece of the puzzle for modern projection systems.

With cinemas facing the challenge of controlling new digital projection equipment, together with existing equipment, the NCA30 is the "swiss army pocket knife" of cinema automation.

NCA30-DA22 Brochure


  • Network connectivity (ethernet) for control from equipment such as Doremi servers, Christie Digital projectors etc.
  • Web server for serving web pages for configuring, controlling and getting status information. Web page also displays command and status history with time stamp.
  • 10 user buttons on front panel with customisable
    functions and labels.
  • 10 tri-coloured status LEDs.
  • Separate "Auditorium Power" push-button for quick access to auditorium
    power control.
  • Controls digital sound processors using either ethernet or serial (RS-232) data.
  • Controls analogue sound processors using built in digital controlled fader which simulates a potentiometer.
  • 3 fully isolated serial ports (RS-232) for communicating with other devices such as dimmers, legacy sound processors etc.
  • Up to 32 relay outputs and 12 isolated inputs.
  • Once connected to ethernet, the NCA30 can have its software upgraded from anywhere in the world.
  • The NCA30 has a web server and can be controlled from an iPhone, iPad, Android phone or any device that has a browser. Cinema staff can be attending to
    other operations and easily check status or issue commands.
  • Has been tested with all popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome etc.

Screen shot from Android device showing set up screen for NCA30.


Screen shot from Android device showing status screen for NCA30.

Rear view of NCA30R1


1. An NCA30 has 32 relay outputs and 12 isolated inputs. The NCA30R has with 16 relay outputs and 8 isolated inputs

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